Who Is Harlan Kilstein

Seventy people sit in the lobby of the Inbal hotel in Jerusalem.  They are waiting for the speaker to appear.  He has promised to solve their marketing problems in a free live seminar.

They are suspicious.  They are expecting to be sold something.

Suddenly he appears and tells everyone that he will solve all of their marketing problems that night.

It sounds boastful until he opens his mouth and begins to talk.

There are 70 people and they have 70 different problems.  They are online, offline, even on the sidelines.  He teaches through jokes, examples, live web critiques.

He speaks for hours.  No one leaves. No one moves.

In their minds is one question: How can one man know so much about marketing.

The evening passes. He hasn’t sold anything. People are in shock.  People begin to ask him more and more questions.

He stays for over three hours until every question has been answered.  Someone had video taped the entire program but got caught up in the spell.

These people know – they are in the presence of a magician.

Welcome To Harlan Kilstein’s Coaching Programs

If you have been directed to this site, you’ve joined one of Harlan Kilstein’s coaching programs.  To get your log in, please contact our office with the records of your transaction or email us at support@otc-publishing.com